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The ultimate soccer video platform designed for all level players to showcase their skills and talent. NSPU Play provides an opportunity for aspiring athletes to upload their best videos from games and training sessions. We offer a seamless and personal user-friendly interface, allowing young players to easily upload on the blockchain and share with a global community of soccer coaches and scouts.

Your KPI’s ( Key Performance indicators) will be analyzed by our AI software and will be updated every months on your personal profile.

Physical stats, Tactical, stats Technical stats defensive, Technical stats offensive and Psychological stats will be a great help to your progress.


The largest soccer database available!

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Latest generation soccer analysis KPI algorithm

Statistics AI

Detailed statistics on each videos with AI software


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Access essential information for each profile.
Data privacy and security are ensured for our members an encryption measures and strict privacy protocols to safeguard user data.
NSPU Play aims to inspire, promote, motivate and nurture the next generation of athletes.

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